Why is My Car's Exhaust Colored?


Why is My Car's Exhaust Colored?When your vehicle's engine is on it produces emissions that contains fumes that can be extremely poisonous to humans and animals. The exhaust that is produced by the vehicle is rather minimal, thanks to federal guidelines, but it is not nonexistent. You may notice a puff of smoke from the tailpipe every now and again, but this shouldn't be concerning. However, should a constant stream of smoke, particularly colored smoke, start being emitted from your car's tailpipe you will want to visit the mechanic. Colored exhaust smoke can be a clear sign of a major engine problem.

Grey/Blue Exhaust

If blue-ish/gray exhaust is formed it is more than likely the result of an oil leak that is allowing oil to be burnt up inside the engine. This is a cause for major concern as burning oil indicates there's not enough oil in the motor to properly lubricate it, resulting in excessive friction among the engine's moving parts. The final result will be an engine that is oil starved and may seize and require a complete rebuilt.

Black Exhaust

If your car is producing black exhaust it is probably burning of excess amounts of gasoline. This is often caused by a faulty mass air flow sensor, which measures the amount of incoming air and calculates the correct amount of gasoline to mix with it to generate a properly running motor. If it malfunctions it can cause your vehicle to run rich, which is a way of saying it is using too much fuel. Not only will this lower your car's fuel economy, it can also cause other engine problems, including burnt valves, a problem that may require extensive engine repair.

White Exhaust

White clouds of smoke are a result of a coolant leak inside the engine that is allowing the coolant to burn up in the combustion chamber. This could be due to cracked cylinder walls or a blown head gasket. A coolant leak puts the vehicle at risk of overheating, which could lead to major engine damage, more so than what has already occurred.

Excessive exhaust smoke can indicate big trouble so if you notice this issue head to your local auto repair shop for engine diagnostics. If you need professional engine repair in Morrisville the team to talk to is at John's Service Center. We're able to complete professional diagnostics and auto repair to ensure your vehicle performs its very best. Give us a call at (215) 710-1340 to learn more about our services or to schedule expert auto repair in Morrisville, PA today.

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