Trouble Ahead: 4 Signs of Starter Motor Failure


Starting a car seems as simple as turning the key, but the actual process that occurs is much more intricate, as there are many parts that work together in order to get the motor running. However, one of the most integral parts of the starting system, which includes the alternator, battery, ignition and others, is the actual starter motor. When the key is turned electricity is sent to the starter motor, which causes it to actuate and engage with the flywheel, then spinning it, which gets the pistons pumping. While it is true many problems can prevent a car from being able to start, you can often diagnose the issue by the symptoms of trouble. If you experience any of these problems you'll likely need a starter replacement.

Buzzing Noise

If the engine doesn't crank but a consistent buzzing sound that occurs when the key is turned, it usually means that there is a flow of electricity to the starter, but the motor is not actuating. This often means there is not enough electrical power getting to the starter to allow it to properly do its job. This is usually caused by a poorly charged battery or corrosion on the electrical connections within the starting system.

Loud Clicking

A sing loud, individual click or a series of clicks that occurs when trying to start a car indicates a bad starter motor. It shows that the starter is getting the necessary electricity needed to actuate, the electric motor inside is not properly responding and has malfunctioned.

Whirring Noise

The pinion gear is the part of the starter that actually connects with the flywheel. If it is not engaging with the flywheel it will spin on its own and create a noise that sounds something like "whirr." This often indicates that the starter solenoid has failed.

Grinding Sound

A grinding noise that occurs when trying to start the engine is likely caused by loose starter motor. It could also mean that there are worn or missing teeth on the flywheel or pinion gear which isn't allowing the two gears to properly work together to crank the engine.

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Written By Brian Corey

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