4 Signs you Need Radiator Repair


Vehicle engines operate at extremely high temperature and if left uncontrolled this can cause untold damage to the internal parts of the motor. Thankfully cooling systems were created to ensure this doesn't happen. But these systems do need to be checked and maintained in order to make sure they operate properly. If you suspect you may have a coolant leak don't delay in getting your car to an auto repair shop to have the problem diagnosed. A coolant leak, coming from the radiator, or elsewhere in the cooling system, can cause the engine to overheat. Here are 4 major signs of a coolant leak.

Rising Temperature Gauge

Your vehicle's dashboard is full of gauges and other information that information that tells you how your vehicle is operating. One of these measurements is the engine temperature. If you notice the temperature gauge rising into the hot zone be sure to pull over immediately to avoid engine damage. Let the car cool and contact your mechanic for further instructions.

White Exhaust Smoke

If there is an antifreeze leak inside the motor it may mix into the combustion chamber and be burnt up. This would cause your vehicle to create white puffy clouds of exhaust. Anytime you notice excessive exhaust be sure to contact your mechanic.

Low Coolant Level

Every once in a while you need to check the coolant level. This should be done when the car is cold and hasn't been driven for some time. This will ensure all coolant has returned to the reservoir for proper measurement and that the engine is cool enough to touch. If it is low you will want to contact your mechanic to schedule an appointment to find out why.

Puddle of Coolant

Without a doubt the most obvious sign of a cooling system problem is a visible leak. If you find a puddle of bright green fluid in your driveway it is most likely antifreeze. This fluid is very hazardous if ingested but it smells very sweet to animals so be sure to thoroughly clean up any puddles you find and then make an appointment to have the leak fixed.

If you car has already overheated or if you suspect a coolant leak don't delay in having the problem resolved to make sure you don't end up with a bigger issue. Radiator replacement is generally an affordable repair. For professional radiator repair in Morrisville contact the team at John's Service Center. We offer complete auto repair and maintenance for most makes and models of import and domestic vehicles. Our ASE certified technicians work hard to provide you with timely auto repair in order to minimize your vehicle's downtime. Give us a call at (215) 710-1340 to request an appointment for superior auto repair in Morrisville today!

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Written By Brian Corey

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