How to Recognize if You Need Brake Repair


Anyone who has driven down a steep hill or had an animal dodge in front of them while driving knows the importance of having healthy brakes. The brakes on our vehicle are one of the most important safety factors on the car -- with proper brakes we are able to properly drive. But what happens when our brakes aren't working properly? Due to the everyday wear and tear our brakes encounter, it's understandable they would be in need of upkeep from time to time. By maintaining the quality of our brakes we are ensuring we are doing everything we can to keep the occupants inside (and outside) the car safe and secure. The minute you start to notice any new or strange habits connected to the brakes of your vehicle, get in touch with a nearby auto repair shop who can properly inspect the brakes.

A Delay in Slowing

The longer you drive your vehicle the more closely you will become accustomed to the subtle behaviors and reactions of the car. You will begin to identify how the car feels when it accelerates, when it turns, and when it brakes. With this familiarity also comes the ability to quickly identify when something is behaving differently. Should it take more effort or pressure in order to slow your car, or it feels like it takes your car a longer amount of time to slow down, it might mean you are in need of brake repair. While you might be tempted to simply get used to braking a little more delayed, it's important that this change doesn't go ignored.

Worn Brake Pads

The more use you get out of your brakes, the more use you are getting out of the brake pads. The brake pads exist to help create friction between the car's rotor and the pads -- every time you brake you are creating this friction which leads to the car slowing down and eventually stopping. But as time goes on these brake pads are placed under more and more pressure and begin to wear away. They get thinner and thinner and eventually become inefficient. Eventually, the brake pads can become unsafe if they are too thin. It's a good rule of thumb to have your brake pads regularly inspected to ensure they are at a safe and effective thickness.

Squealing Noises

One of the ways to easily identify if your brakes might be in need of inspection and repair, is if you begin to hear a sharp squealing when you brakes. As we explored earlier, the brake pads are there to help create friction as you slow down and brake. However, when these pads grow too thin there is not enough present to alleviate that pressure and soon metal and grating against metal. This can lead to further complications and potential damage and the sound of squealing from your brakes should not go ignored.

Healthy brakes are important to an overall healthy car. Delaying brake repair can lead to further damage on a vehicle and should not be ignored. Take some time to research nearby auto repair shops who specialize in brake repair and can help get your car back in tip-top shape. If you are in need of brake repair in Morrisville give us a call at John's Service Center at (215) 710-1340 as soon as you can! We've got a crew of experienced and professional auto technicians who can properly inspect your brakes, tell you the steps that need to be taken, and help repair the brake with expert eyes.

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Written By Brian Corey

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